Chicken in an Indian marinade and cooked in a ‘tandoori’ oven

Serves 2

  • 1 Whole chicken (fryer or roaster): 2-3lbs
  • Yogurt: 200 ml
  • Ginger paste: 20 g
  • Garlic paste: 20 g
  • Salt: To taste
  • Fenugreek: 10 g
  • Paprika: 7 g
  • EIC Garam Masala: 10 g
  • Red Chili powder: Optional
  • Lemon Juice: 10 ml

(garlic and ginger paste can be made by chopping it and grinding it in the blender with a little water)


  • Skin the chicken, cut it into four pieces and make serrations with a knife.
  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and marinade the chicken in the mixture for a period of one to two hours. (Overnight if possible)
  • Skewer and cook in the clay oven for 15-20 minutes or barbeque at about 148 C (300 F) for 25 minutes. Garnish with ‘chaat masala’ seasoning spice (optional).
  • Serve hot with Basmati rice and Mango chutney.

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